Thursday, September 6, 2012

About Haggett's Pond

For nearly ninety years Haggett’s Pond has been a place for recreation and relaxation for people from all walks of life. Ever since the railroad stopped running in the 1920s, the summer scene at the pond included picnickers, campers, and cottage-goers; in fact, a popular summer attraction was Baily’s Shady Side Grove, which included a restaurant, a lively dance hall, a bowling alley, boating services, and other summertime attractions. In the winter, Haggett’s Pond was alive with ice fishermen, ice skaters, ice hockey players and enchanting horse carriage rides down the old rail trail. Unfortunately, in 1901 Shady Side Grove burned down for unknown reasons, and was never repaired.
Although over the years the style and touristy sense of the pond has somewhat dissolved, whenever one steps onto the quiet trails and views the beautiful shining water, there is a certain timeless magic in the air, a feeling that is full of remembrance and renewal. Haggett’s Pond has remained an intrinsic and exceptional element of Andover’s culture, and will continue to serve as a place of enjoyment and ease for generations to come.

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