Thursday, September 6, 2012

A poem written by Mrs. Isabelle Barnes of Los Angeles, California in 1937

Mrs. Barnes was the sister of Mrs. Grace Holt, and as a child spent much of her time around Haggett’s Pond.

The beauty of Killarney’s lakes,
            Away across the sea,
Have oft been sung but fairer far
            Is Haggett’s Pond to me.
It brings to me fond memories of
            Happy days of yore,
When we rowed upon its rippling waves
            And danced upon its shore.

We picnicked there in days gone by,
            So happy, gay and free,
With our sweethearts; oh, fond memories
            Linger ever more with me.
For I fancy I can see the Kilties
            Coming round the bend,
And the lads’ and lassies’ laughter
            With bagpipes’ music blend.

On the program first, was dancing,
            If the young folks had their way,
The “Reel o’ Tollochgoram” and
            Then a good Strathspey,
The “Highland Schottische” all enjoyed.
            When the piper played the tune
            Of “Weel may the Keel Rowe,” is
            Ended all too soon.

Many of our dear friends have long
            Since gone to rest;
It seems that God has gathered home
            Just those we loved the best;
Though absent from our hearth and home,
            They’ll not forgotten be,
For I sometimes find this heart of mine
            Is nearer them than me.

Let Nations toast their Kings and Queens,
            Their Lords and Ladies fine;
My toast shall be to Haggett’s Pond
And the friends of Auld Lang Syne.

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